What Tactics Should I Use To Develop A Good Reputation In The Medicare Industry?

Reputable agents in the Medicare industry act compliantly, professionally and with care for their clients. Follow some of these tips to get on your way to developing a good reputation.

Position Your Business

A legitimate business will have a polished website and consistent branding across social media and its marketing materials. Invest in a graphic designer to help you look put together and start off on the right foot.

Act Professionally

Dress the part and speak with confidence. Start your meetings on time and conduct business with maturity. Your clients will feel respected when your office responds to communication in a timely fashion.

Operate Compliantly

Are you licensed, contracted and appointed? Have you learned the ins and outs of the products you are selling? Once you are ready to sell, you must do so while following the regulations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), from marketing to contact, conducting the appointment and enrolling promptly. Review the regulations regularly and develop protocols for your team to follow.

Be The Expert

Boost your reputation as an agent in the Medicare industry by publishing educational content and engaging with industry news on social media. Bonus points if you create timely content for recent updates, trends or regulations.

Pay Attention To Details

Take notes about important life events in your clients’ lives. Ask a client about how their home renovation is coming along, how they enjoyed their vacation, or how old little Jimmy is getting. These people are your community members, so show them you care about them as individuals. 

Especially in an industry where your clients must divulge sensitive personal and medical information, you want to encourage their good feelings toward you by being the kind of person you would want to be working with, if the position was switched.

Develop Trust

You’ve shown that you have a good foundation of Medicare knowledge, which is non-negotiable and should be an expectation of your clients. You have also shown that you are personable and can take an interest in the lives of your community. The next step is growing that sense of trust.

Make yourself visible in the community by networking with other local business owners; this is also an opportunity to coordinate a referral system. Put yourself out there by presenting at health and retirement-focused events. Acting as a source of knowledge out in the community and shaking hands with a smile on your face is a great way to seem more likable to the folks who may be potential clients.

Magellan Healthcare is here to offer guidance if you have any questions about operating compliantly as an agent in the Medicare industry. Reach out to our team or your fellow agents for more suggestions to develop a good reputation.