Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage and is an alternative to Original Medicare coverage. It provides the same coverage as Original Medicare, but may include extra benefits.

Types of Medicare Part C Plans

Within Medicare Part C, there are various types of plans. These plans include:

Who is Eligible for Part C?

To be eligible for Medicare Part C, you need to be enrolled in both parts of Original Medicare, which is Parts A and B. Once you join a Part C plan, it’s important that you don’t drop Original Medicare, especially Part B, or you will lose your Part C coverage.

It’s also important to note that Part C plans are very different from Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans. While Medigap plans are designed to supplement your Original Medicare coverage, Medicare Part C is more of an alternative way to receive Original Medicare and Medicare Part D under a single plan.

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