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We're experienced agents who specialize in all aspects of Medicare and will find coverage that works just for you!

About Us

To understand the story of Magellan Healthcare LLC. you must understand what makes our parent company, Magellan Financial, unique. Magellan Financial helps Independent Insurance Agents be fully holistic for their clients. Nearly two decades ago, owner Bryon Rice created Magellan Financial to help agents maximize their earnings while staying Independent. This allowed agents to offer a variety of carriers and products to act as true fiduciaries for their clients.

In addition to Magellan Healthcare LLC., Magellan Financial has Foundations Investment Advisors, who help provide institutional investment management to the retail investor.

In 2020, Magellan Financial turned our focus to Medicare and knew we needed an expert to give our agents the best assistance and training possible. Our President, Jarrod Florence, did his research, and the name we heard over and over was Kimberly Sixkiller.

Our newest partner, Kim, came on in 2021 as the President of Magellan Healthcare LLC. With a dedicated team in her corner, we’ve grown more than 300% in the last year, and it just keeps getting better and better. Kim believes as agents, you should focus on your clients and potential buyers. Regardless of who you partner with, you should interview your partner marketing organization to ensure they are the right fit for this critical and long-term relationship.

Magellan Healthcare LLC. sets ourselves apart because we believe you will increase your business if we give you the right tools and training and help you see more people next week, next month, and next year. Through marketing and training, we are changing the game. We are helping agents and Medicare beneficiaries make the decision that is right for them.

Looking for help on your Medicare decisions? Have a practice you want to add or improve Medicare sales for? Give us a call: 1-866-779-3553.

We're here to answer all your Medicare questions.

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