Tips for Improving Your Medicare Sales Pitch and Closing More Deals

The Medicare sales pitch should be adjusted to the needs of each client. With practice, you can improve your pitch and close more deals to help your bottom line while you serve the community.

Elements of a Good Sales Pitch

A Medicare sales pitch will create a good first impression of you and your business while conveying your expertise and ability to solve a problem. The problem is the client’s greatest need, whether that is a plan with better customer service, more coverage, lower out-of-pocket costs, or others. A good pitch is led by a communicator who listens to the clients, expresses interest in their lives, and shares relatable stories. Throughout, the agent has open body language and develops trust in their competence and sincerity.

Improving Your Medicare Sales Pitch

Tailor to the client’s experience, needs, and circumstances. In the process of building a relationship of trust with your Medicare client, you have an understanding of their situation in life and a few basics about their family or hobbies. When selling, use this knowledge to be friendly and personable and to present stories that align with their experiences.

Keep the Overview Brief

You want to hold onto the client’s attention, and you may lose it if you spend too much of their time expounding on your credentials or the number of people you have helped. Try to find the middle ground between giving your client the necessary biographical information about your career as an insurance agent and your established business. Be personable and inspire trust with a friendly yet credentialled approach.

Always Be Truthful 

Transparency and honesty inspire trust; the opposites are bad news for your business. If you were recently licensed and are just starting, you do not want to pretend to have more experience than you do. Instead, you can speak to your training, lean on the reputation of your business, and assure them that you are only the more motivated to serve them well.

Prioritize the Client’s Wishes 

Some Medicare beneficiaries want to find plans with the most coverage, no matter the cost. Others are looking for enough coverage to meet their needs within their budget. Still more will want to secure a PPO plan for the flexibility and the possibility of travel, which could drive another beneficiary toward a Medicare Supplement plan. Improve your sales pitch with adaptability to adjust to your Medicare clients’ needs.

Close with a Follow-Up Plan

Make a plan for next steps and reply promptly to requests for follow-up conversations. Doing so shows the client respect and can help you close more deals.

Improving your Medicare sales pitch may take several attempts and iterations. If you have had the same sales pitch for a while, you can start by making one or two adjustments at a time and moving up from there. For additional agent support and access to Medicare tools and resources, work with the team at Magellan Healthcare.