The Top Tools For Successful Medicare Sales

Medicare agents use a collection of tools and software to help with the daily functions of business, from record keeping to automation and security. Build an online presence and boost your sales with these top tools.


A client-friendly, informative website is the most essential tool for a Medicare agent. Your online presence makes you visible to the community and adds to your credibility if you present yourself well. The website should be a landing page for all your online traffic, funneling viewers straight to a contact form. Adding content to your polished site can also boost your web search ranking and lead to more sales.

Customer Relationship Manager

CRM software is a non-negotiable when you have a book of business. A spreadsheet won’t cut it when you need to keep track of so many points of data, and CRM software provides security and encryption for your clients’ sensitive personal health and identifying information. Choose customer relationship management software that is easy to navigate and has all the functions you need to be successful.

Social Media

You want your business to be visible where your clients spend their time and can come across you organically. Build business accounts on all the popular social media sites, claiming your username once your business has a name. It can be helpful to invest in a marketing assistant for this, but to start, you can repost much of your content across the platforms. Just be certain that your content matches the audience and typical format.

Cross-channel Organization Tools

When you juggle content and input from many platforms, including over email, website inquiries, social media, and more, it’s a worthwhile investment to find a tool that can help you coordinate it all. Cross-channel organization tools wrangle these into one simplified space so you can control your output and make sure you return all of your client messages.

Organization Software

Any one person may be able to manage with a sticky note to-do list. Once you add a book of clients and multiple team members, tasks can get lost. Medicare agents need organization software tools to keep on top of pending items and communicate updates with the team as they happen. These tools are beneficial for tracking client renewal dates so you can plan ahead for messaging and scheduling appointments.

Password Manager

Thanks to your software, your client data is secure and encrypted, but the business is less than safe if you leave your passwords lying around. Several low-cost, reliable password managers can help you protect your agency’s security. Many password managers have the added benefit of allowing a copy/paste method to quickly authenticate a login while saving you time.

Each of these tools is essential for the successful sales generation of a Medicare agent. Magellan Healthcare supports licensed agents in building profitable businesses. Speak with our team today to learn more about our partners.