The Impact of Social Media on Medicare Sales: How to Use it Effectively

Medicare insurance agents can effectively use social media to boost sales when they invest in ads, provide educational content, and reflect their communities while remaining compliant with CMS marketing rules.

Create Brand Awareness

Investing in ads on Facebook, where seniors have high daily usage rates, can also bring more eyes onto your website and capture the attention of your intended audience. Keep in mind that marketers say it often takes several interactions with a brand, or “touch-points,” for a potential lead to advance to the next step by clicking on your website or exploring your product offerings. To ensure that social media ads are working for your business, you can track your website performance metrics, client acquisitions, and sales data and review these frequently.

Educate to Build Trust

Organic social media that provides content but does not use a sales pitch makes up most of your client’s feeds. You can add to your credibility as a source of Medicare information when you provide easy-to-read information or short videos that explain insurance concepts. Seniors new to Medicare are looking for content that makes Medicare easier to understand, which provides an opportunity for your business to serve as their go-to resource for Medicare basics, tips, and how-tos. You can write these yourself, split the content writing between your team members, or hire content marketing assistance to bring your agency more visibility.

When you plan content, it is important to understand the formats of each social media platform. An overly long video, a max-characters tweet, or an Instagram post without a caption and link to more content will do you a disservice. Marketing professionals can help you create a strategy that makes the most of your time and investment.

Help Clients See Themselves

When you look for a new service provider, you want to know that they have a variety of clientele, understand you, and are well-equipped to serve your needs. On your business’ social media, you can help potential clients picture themselves in your office by sharing photos or videos with people who look like them and have similar life experiences. Find stock photos or actual video testimonials of clients who represent the diversity of your community in race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, economic status, and other backgrounds. Your community and target demographic will appreciate seeing themselves reflected in your content.

Just like you want to make your website content accessible, you also want to ensure that your posts contain “alt text” explaining what is happening in an image. This is a simple step that shows respect and inclusion for all viewers.

Social Media Compliance for Medicare Insurance Agents

Remember that all marketing posts must comply with CMS marketing rules and be approved before posting them. Agents should also know that a follow, like, or comment does not mean you can solicit Medicare to someone on social media, and you cannot sell to individuals who have not expressed interest. If someone does reach out for more information, you can send them a scope of appointment form.

To learn more about Medicare insurance marketing and social media best practices, speak with the team at Magellan Healthcare.