How Can Medicare Agents Use Online Reviews To Boost Their Marketing Efforts

Online reviews are a trusted source for customers of service-oriented businesses. Let your potential clients hear all about your agency through the testimonials of existing clients, and boost your marketing efforts in the process. Here is why and how Medicare agents can use online reviews to benefit their business.

Why Medicare Agents Need Online Reviews

Think of your most recent online purchase or even the last recipe you looked up. What makes you take a glance at one product versus the next? If there are many similar items, odds are you look at the star ratings and the number of reviews. A product looks good online if it has good reviews and even better if it has a high volume of reviews. 

In terms of services, it gives a client confidence knowing that this is an established business with plenty of satisfied customers. Online reviews provide social proof in favor of your agency, which helps them trust in your competence before they ever book an appointment.

Online reviews can also help enhance your search engine ranking and visibility. When you’ve gotten into the swing of things and are confident in your services, begin asking for reviews and expect to see even more clients.

Asking for Reviews

Give clients a place to share their feedback for your business. Claim your page on Google My Business and create business profiles on Yelp and Facebook. These sites will attract different audiences, but they all serve an important purpose in the realm of online reviews and social proof.

Ask clients to leave a review. It’s important not to review-gate. Invite everyone to leave a review without discrimination. This may mean opening your business up to visible negative reviews, but it also allows you to respond politely and show grace.

Respond to Reviews

Be careful not to divulge personal or identifying information. Stick with simple thank yous or an invitation to discuss their feedback offline. The reason you want to consider responding is that your professional interactions will support the positive view that potential clients have of your business after reading the glowing reviews.

Display Testimonials

Share highlights of your positive reviews on your website. If clients provide video testimony or images, their reviews can make great social media posts. Ensure that the form clients use to provide reviews includes an agreement granting permission to share their name or other identifying information.

Ready to Market?

Invite your clients to leave a review on the top online review sites. Share testimonials on your website to boost traffic, offer a thank you in response to positive remarks, and see your impressions skyrocket. 

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